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Business Applications

Business Applications

ViCap is unique because it is applicable in various business fields, even those you have not imagined

ViCap can be implemented practically anywhere were separation between two elements is required until the moment of use: from beverage through medicine and even up to chemical applications.

For Water Bottlers:

ViCap is ideal for water bottlers who are interested in expanding their product lines or improving existing ones. You can simply bottle your water as usual and add the desired flavors at the end of the production process (via ViCap). Additionally you can offer a product promotion via product binding with ViCap.

For Retail Businesses:

The modern ecological consumer is gazing towards eco-friendly products. ViCap is a promising success in that case: instead of carrying home heavy bottles of various drinks, consumers can now carry less and take more (via the application of ViCap). Expand your product line by adding a selection of our exciting ViCap flavors or create your own private label.

For Gallon Water Suppliers:

Familiar with the Nespresso concept? Similarly, ViCap with different flavors, could be placed next to the water dispenser and allow consumers to seamlesly compose various functional drinks as they go about. This would enhance sales and boost user experience.

For Beverage Companies:

ViCap opens the door to an exciting new world of possibilities for beverage manufactures. Aside from the core benefits of ViCap the solution can engage your consumers in an exciting new way.
Seamlessly combine your beverage, syrup or powder with ViCap.

For Dairy Companies:

Dairy products are very sensitive to interference, ViCap allows you to isolate and confine them until the moment of consumption. This will prolong the shelf life, protect the active ingredients and be very exciting for your consumers.

For Nutraceutical Industry:

ViCap is the ideal solution for manufactures of vitamins and nutrients. It allows the separation and confinement of time sensitives ingredients until the moment of consumption. ViCap is also an exciting new way to pack and market your product. It is fun, convenient (push-pull sports cap) and eco-friendly.
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For Pharmaceutical Industry:

Similarly to what is possible for other industries ViCap is also relevant for pharmaceutical use. It allows the separation and confinement of time sensitive ingredients until the moment of consumption, then to be mixed with the base liquid and consumed safely. Endless possibilities exist for such application, especially for pharmaceutical use.

For Chemical Industry:

Even beyond beverages, medicine or any other consumable product the ViCap can be used in any application which requires separation of ingredients. From cleaning materials, beauty products, adhesives or any other. Literally any two component mix could be delivered via the ViCap.

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