Functional Beverages

Go Functional – Go ViCAP.

Functional Drink Formulations

From supermarket offerings to health food store mainstays, there’s no question that consumers are shopping with an eye to health.

Health conscious consumers are seeking a healthier alternative to the more traditional soft drinks on the market.“The trend for health and wellness has never been stronger” In supermarkets, a new health and wellness category is being established, and filled with beverages that are fortified, healthy, natural and low calorie. The market for functional beverages is on an upward trajectory and this trend is set to continue. ViCap Systems offers the perfect partners for functional Drink Formulations: the opportunity is limitless and the future is bright.

Below some functional drink formulation ideas and its application markets:

Sports: Endurance/Perfomance

  • Minerals: Muscle performace
  • Carbohydrates: Muscle metabolism
  • Herbal Extract: Endurance
  • Metabolic Energy Support: Micronutrient

Mental: Cognitive Enhancement/Anti-Stress

  • Amino Acid: Cognitive Enhancement
  • Herbal: Cognitive Endurance
  • Vitamin(s): Brain Support

Health: Weight Management

  • Herbal: Appetite control
  • Amino Acids: Reduce yearning for sweets
  • Minerals: Support weight reduction

Life Style: Relax/Chill-out

  • Amino Acids: Support mental relaxation
  • Herbals: Support relaxation
  • Minerals: Support healthy rest
  • Vitamins: Brain regeneration support