The Filling

A unique, innovative and versatile filling system developed for a efficient and aseptic fill-up for the sports ViCap dispenser.

Our own ViCap filling system operated by HPI Humana Pharma International

Essential to ViCap Systems was that functional drinks have to deliver what they promise. It’s a challenge in a standard RTD beverage as many nutraceuticals have a limited lifespan in an aqueous solution.
Our dispensing technology is part of a growing trend in caps and closures for example the storage of dry or liquid ingredients inside the cap which are then released into the product upon opening.
Our ViCap also makes hot filling and pasteurisation unnecessary and the beverage filling process cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
We can make water-based beverages wherever it suits; we will just ship the filled caps – and so there is no expensive transportation of liquid.
The ViCap protects the ingredients from degradation, allowing them to be dispensed by the consumer with a simple push on the top. It increases the shelf life and potency of the ingredients since they remain seperate from the water until the cap is pushed.

In cooperation with HPI we developed a filling system which allows us to fill 15 Millions ViCaps per year in compliance of the GMP and aseptic fillings.
Our filling system can be switched from powder to fluid fillings.

There are 3 different ways to fill ViCap:

  • Based on your existing liquid or powder.

  • Based on a shared development of a completely new filling.

  • Or based on our already developed and ready to be filled flavors.

Currently we can provide the following fillings:

1Vitamin drinks:

  • Relaxation: Apple – Pear
  • Vitality: Cranberry
  • Support: Orange – Passionfruit
  • Beauty: Pineapple – Grapefruit
  • Lemon– Elder
  • Orange – Mango
  • Grapefruit – Passionsfruit

2Tea tastes:

  • Blacktea – Peach
  • Blacktea – Lemon
  • Whitetea – Star fruit
  • Rooibos – Cranberry
  • Rooibos – Orange
  • Red Fruit Tea
  • Raspberry – Hibiscus